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The aim of the expedition is to get to know a different culture from our own. The method is to meet people from a different country and learn about their way of life, their traditions and customs. However the way we do this is what makes the Explorer Belt such a special experience.

The basic elements are a ten-day hike covering 200km of countryside, through towns and villages, while living on a limited budget and completing a number of projects along the way.

The participants are in teams of two of the same sex and they know beforehand only which country they are going to. Their parents will be sent a letter on the day of departure which gives exact details of the base camp, including telephone numbers and emergency contact details.

Part of the challenge is surviving together alone, as a team of two, but the expedition staff can always be contacted in an emergency.

A full programme of training will be implemented, which includes comprehensive training weekends covering all the fundamental aspects of the Belt.

An Explorer Belt is not easy from a physical point of view but plenty of preparation now will help you when you go. It will also make the expedition more enjoyable; if you do not have physical problems to worry about you can concentrate totally on having a fabulous experience.

Over the past 25 years almost 2000 Venturer in Ireland have participated in the Explorer Belt Expedition. This is an internationally recognised challenge, which has set the standard for venturing throughout the world and is one of the highest accolades that a Venturer can aim for. Such is the level of interest here that the numbers participating are now limited to 25 teams of 2.

Portugal is the chosen destination for this year's Expedition.